I am so happy that you visited my website and showed your interest to learn more about me, about my business and what CRYPTINIT brand is all about.

Everything started few years ago after Bitcoin currency reached new price records, I was amazed about how such young crypto currency and whole blockchain technology got so much attention and become so popular In the world so fast. I started learning more about it and what I liked most about whole crypto world was TRADING.

Thought I started researching about trading few years ago, my first deposit to crypto trading platform was made only few months ago.

Have watched many popular youtube channels, have read many blog posts about trading, have bought some trading course, but all these resources haven’t helped me to get motivated or to get enough info to feel confidence to start trading.

But few months ago, I found a guy called ‘quickfingersluc’, he is professional crypto currency and stock trader. He also have his own youtube channel where he teaching how to trade cryptos. The day I found him was my breaking point where I become much more confidence to start trading and I really felt that finally I found correct info which is working and will work if only I will put efforts, I will take action.

Right now I have made about 100 trades in many different crypto currency coins an guess what, 98% of all trades was profitable and only few wasn’t because of stupid mistakes which I made.

My name is Kestutis Kukelka, my contact details are given on ‘contact me’ page in case you want to contact me, ask some questions or chat about anything you want 😉

I am crypto currency trader, I really can’t call myself a professional trader yet because its been only few months since I started trading and working full time, but in these months I gathered so much experience and learned so much about how to make trades profitable.

CRYPTINIT.COM is your friend, use it to learn trading and change your financial situation dramatically. My mission is to help as many people as I can to finally make a living from trading cryptos. My trading style and technique is absolutely different than other people techniques in which involves TA (technical analysis), I am not saying TA isn’t useful for trading, but it’s too complex and vague. I will try to teach you more easily and more profitable way to reach positive ROI (return of investment) trading crypto currency.

Together we will create amazing crypto currency traders society, which will help to each of us to increase our trading experience and profits !

So again thank you for visiting CRYPTINIT website and hope you will enjoy the content.